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Session 4 1010 Family Life

Breakthrough communication 1

Big idea: Communication is often a source of confusion, frustration and conflict.

It doesn't have to be this way.... We are going to teach you how to turn crossed communication into a source of strength for your family.

Step 1 Watch Breakthrough Communication 1 Video below

Download this sessions worksheet

Step 2 Take FREE 5 Love Languages Quiz as whole family

 You can take as children, teenagers and couples.

The Five Love Languages has been transforming communication for many decades.

There are 5 primary love languages-words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time and acts of service.

WARNING: We usually love others how we want to be loved and may not be filling up their love tanks.

Step 3 Discuss your reports with your kids sharing how you like to be loved and giving examples as well as how they like to be loved. Make an intentional effort to love your children in their top 2 love languages regularly and ask for their feedback.

Step 4 Download this guide to give you quick summary.

Write in your love languages on our worksheet and specifically how you are going to "fill up one anothers love tanks."

Step 5 Book in coaching call to discuss and be accountable for results.


Your 1010 Family Life Outcomes

#1 Secrets To

Healthy, Healed Hearts

#2 Parenting Secrets To Speak Your Kids Language

#3 How To Raise Happy More Confident Children

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