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Session 2 1010 Family Life


Step 1 Inner World -Accept need for healing

Three big issues: Unhealed Hurts, Unmet Needs and Unresolved Issues

When our hearts have unresolved hurts, unmet needs and unresolved issues, it leaves a bandaid on the wounds that will manifest in unhealthy behaviour as we try to fill the void/dull the pain. 

Time does not heal these types of wounds.

The great news- there is hope and by working with our specialist counsellors we can break your chains and gain real freedom. Get to the root of issues in minutes not years. 

Step 2 Commit 100% to doing the work and taking action.

Note we call it LOVEwork :-)

Action Items: 

1.Watch our intro to Healing Video 

Father Wounds are very common wounds and voids where we didn't receive everything we needed from our Dads to fill unique, special and loved.

Complete Healthy Hearts exercises

2.Watch Dad4Kids Founder Warwick Marsh video on Healing The Father Wound.

Complete Father Wound exercises 

3.Book healing session with 1010Life Team click on link below


An introduction to the healing journey - Justin Pagotto

2. Healing The Father Wound - Warwick Marsh

Your 1010 Family Life Outcomes

#1 Secrets To

Healthy, Healed Hearts

#2 Parenting Secrets To Speak Your Kids Language

#3 How To Raise Happy More Confident Children

Book your healing counselling session


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