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How Would You To Like To Totally Transform Your Family Life In Under 8 Weeks....

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Most Families Do Not Intentionally Create Happiness...

You already know that.

The question is, “why?”

Well, there may be a lot of different reasons, but when it’s all said and done, it comes down to one thing…

Most Families Do Not Have A Plan To Create Happiness...

That Approach Is Very Risky And, Even Worse, It Rarely Creates Happiness...

I call it The Hope For The Best Trap.

People invest in everything, their studies, careers and superannuation but don't invest in the things that really matter- the happiness of their family.

And stumble along the way doing the best they can.

And in the process they hurt one another and parent in the same way they were parented (even when we say we will never do this!)

They get caught in this negative cycle which eventually leads to frustration, hurt, broken communication, and an unfulfilled family life.

Not very pretty! And never learn powerful strategies to build a lifelong bond with our children and partner.

This is not what our families are created for!

Now, here’s the good news. I’ve developed a way to get out of this Hope For The Best Trap! It’s called the 

                               1010 Family Life 8 Week Transformation Program

You’ve Already Proven To Me That You’re Committed To Your Family's Success...

Yet, I’m going to suggest that you close this page right now.


Because you should only keep reading if you meet the following criteria:

​You are ready to get help and take action

​Open to learning new strategies and implementing

Committed to following our 6 step process

Accept responsibility to powerfully transform your family

Does that sound like you?

Yes? I thought so.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I invite you to keep reading because this page is


You see, I know even more about you.

Besides meeting the above criteria, I also know three more things about you:

​You want to raise happy, more confident children so they feel special and loved.

You want to learn breakthrough parenting skills to bring joy to the family home.

You desire to reclaim your life and focus on what's important- your family.

In other words, you’re a parent who cares about leaving your kids in a much healthier place so they can thrive in the world.

I have something very important to tell you.

When You Become A 1010 Family Life Unlimited VIP Member Today

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You’ll Get Instant Access To The 1010Family Course PLUS A Ton Of Other Powerful Bonuses… FOR FREE!

7 Day Fathering Challenge Online Course ($397.00 Value)

1hr 1 on 1 Zoom session ($249.00 Value)

The three causes of low self esteem ($249.00 Value)

Health and Wellness Strategies ($249.00 Value)

From Lleyton Hewitt's former fitness trainer

9 Worksheets to Implement 1010Family Life ($199.00 Value)

7 Worksheets to Implement Fathering Challenge ($199.00 Value)

Heavily discounted ability to purchase FUNancial Freedom for Kids course ($399.00 Value)

Rethink Money For Teens E-Book ($29.00 Value)

Total Value $1,970

You Get It ALL For Just:

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When You Become A 1010 Family Life Member Today, I’m Going To GIVE YOU Instant Access To The 1010 Family Life Course PLUS A Ton Of Other Powerful Bonuses…



($397.00 VALUE)

Once you understand these powerful secrets to becoming an extraordinary Dad and partner, you’ll have the skills to raise happy and more confident kids.

It doesn’t matter if you have failed in the past, or if you don’t know where to start.

Use these powerful strategies to transform you and your family.

                #2: 1 on 1 ZOOM SESSION               

($249.00 VALUE)

This Zoom call could change your family life forever.

-Firstly, we will talk about your families #1 challenge right now.

-Secondly, I will show you the roots of the problem and how to solve it.

-Thirdly, I will give you a plan to get there.


($249.00 VALUE)

In talking to hundreds of parents the same three causes of low self esteem come up repeatedly.

Unfortunately time does not heal these types of wounds- you must get to the root of the heart issues to break the chains and bring long lasting freedom.

Once you know these three causes of low self esteem, everything changes.


($249.00 VALUE)

Elite Athletes do things differently and that's why their results are superior to everyone else.

In the same way, what if you could learn health and wellness strategies from Nathan Martin who trained world #1 tennis players such as Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova, Monica Seles & Aranxa Sachez Vicario?

Implement Nathan's strategies and health will prosper.


($199.00 VALUE)

Knowledge without implementing into your family is foolishness.

It doesn’t matter how many videos you watch if you don't apply what you have learnt.

Print out these worksheets and apply the learnings to your family and it's near impossible for your family not to change. 


($199.00 VALUE)

Knowledge without implementing into your family is foolishness.

It doesn’t matter how many videos you watch if you don't apply what you have learnt.

Print out these worksheets and apply the learnings to your family and it's near impossible for your family not to change. 

Total Value $1970.00

You Get It ALL For Just:


Crazy Instalment Plans

(That’s 91% Off!)

Yes! Upgrade My 1010Family Membership Now!

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