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1010 Family Raising Royalty Upgrade Offer 

Coaching delivers maximum results for your family.

Accelerate towards a happy, more confident and stress free household.

Crazy instalment plans EVERYONE can afford.

Upgrade your 1010 Family Life Coaching

to 8 x 1 on 1 Zoom sessions

$497 Upfront OR 12x $67 monthly payment plan

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Yes I Want Maximum Family Results

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You’re seeing this because you are part of the Raising Royalty Family and/or completed the Parenting Challenge.

And because you accept God's mission to raise happy, more confident, and powerful kids.


You’ve Already Proven To Me That You’re Committed To Your Family's Success...

Yet, I’m going to suggest that you commit to 8 x 1 on 1 Zoom coaching sessions.


Only 4% of the population can implement courses by themselves.

The remainder of the population need help......

Why do you think elite athletes hire a coach?

​They realise that information is meaningless unless you get help and take action.

Accountability and followthrough are the key to breakthrough.

And as Benji says, without practices that form habits, reflexes, lifestyle and way of being, your family life will stay the same.

Coaching ensures you buy into the transformation process to get maximum results.

Do you agree?

Yes? I thought so.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I invite you to keep reading because this page is


I have something very important to tell you.

           Most Families Need Help To Change and

Create Happiness...

As good as our 1010 Family resources are, the greatest change comes when you have a coach to empower you to implement all the new strategies

I call it I HOPE this online course will magically transform my family TRAP.

Many people have told me they have bought courses then never ever used them.

Or started and stumbled along the way without getting the results they dreamed of.

And in the process continue to parent in the same way they were parented (even when we say we will never do this!)

They stay caught in this negative cycle which eventually leads to frustration, hurt, broken communication, and an unfulfilled family life.

Not very pretty! This is not what our families are created for!

Now, here’s the good news. I’ve developed a way to get out of this Hope This Online Course Will Magically Transform Our Family Trap! It’s called…

1010 Family Coaching Upgrade 

Coaching delivers maximum results for your family.

Accelerate towards a happy, more confident and stress free household.

Crazy instalment plans EVERYONE can afford.

As Raising Royalty Family, I’m Going To GIVE YOU the ability to UPGRADE to 8 x 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions


For Just:


12 x $67monthly payments

(That’s 75% Off)

Yes I Want Maximum Family Results

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